Brief Thoughts on Last Night’s Debate

Everyone else is doing it, so why not chime in? Yes I watched the debate and yes I was entertained. It is really odd to see 10 successful people used to having power and respect bicker like little kids. Not sure who won, but here are my thoughts on each candidate.

Jeb Bush: I kind of liked him in this debate. He looked uncomfortable and boring, but he at least came across as serious and competent at governing.

Ben Carson: Carson’s play was obviously his intelligence. We get it that you are the smartest guy on the stage, but why do you want to be president? Why do you know how to govern? And why the heck are you putting yourself through this?

Chris Christie: I liked his smack down of Rand Paul, it sticks with my preference for candidates that recognize the seriousness of governing.   I thought he came across fine.

Ted Cruz: Cruz makes me feel uncomfortable when he talks. He obviously has a constituency, but I don’t get the appeal.

Mike Huckabee. See Cruz.

John Kasich: Wow, federalism is ok? Healthcare is something people should be entitled to? You are tolerant of gay marriage even if you are against it? I thought he did great.

Rand Paul: He is wrong on most things, in my opinion. He held true to form from my perspective.

Marco Rubio: Still kind of looks uncomfortable, but I thought he came across as a serious candidate….which is perhaps the bar for success in these debates.

Donald Trump: Is his platform that he is a jerk? I don’t get the appeal aside from the entertainment value. I thought he was a train wreck last night with no substantive answers to any questions.

Scott Walker: He knows his talking points, but I am not sure I know who he is. Which is odd for a guy who seemed to know exactly who he was when he became Governor. I find his response to the Black Lives Matter question a missed opportunity. In my opinion if a group of Americans are losing trust in a public institution it is a huge problem whether you agree with their position or not. The answer that a few bad apples just need to be fixed through better training ignores the larger government legitimacy issue.

I guess I left the debate feeling like I do after most debates. Government needs to meet the world as it is, not advocate policies and positions based on a hoped-for but fantasy reality. But that is why I like the administrative side of things.


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