Brief Thoughts on Orlando

Please excuse the lack of blogging, I am busy traveling and dedicating my writing strength to finishing a book chapter. I did want to weigh in briefly on the events in Orlando. I have immense faith in people. I was drawn to Public Administration as a field of study precisely because I think a society is best served when groups of humans, with all of their hopes, annoyances, and contradictions, collectively make the rules.

Democratic governance is based on the one thing that unites us all…our humanity. A society organized around one religion, one ideology, one way of life, etc. is bound to alienate and violate the ideals of social equity that I hold so dear. Orlando hurts as a human being. I cannot wrap my head around how a human could gun down 49 other innocent humans in the name of their ideology. To me the best response to this tragedy is a steady commitment to our ideals as an open pluralistic society. If we as a nation lose that, we lose our very humanity.


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